Features that have proven to yield results.

Oscillating Booms

Oscillation is a key feature of our sprayer machine range.

The towers are fitted with oscillating booms (made from 3CR12 stainless steel) which move the airflow and spray stream in a back-and-forth motion creating a turbulent wind effect to ensure optimal coverage on all sides of foliage, fruit and stem for maximum protection from each spray.

The sparing angle is adjustable – depending on the type of spraying that is required. A wide angle, for example, is perfect for foliar/half spray while a narrow angle is more suited to deep/full spray.

7 Blade Axial Fans

The jet black 7 blade axial fans provide ample airflow for optimal coverage and penetration.

Modular Tower Sections

The Tower is the biggest improvement from previous machines.

The combination of jet-black fan cowls, axial fans and blue directional housing all aid in a total weight saving of 300kg on the tower alone over previous versions, lowering the centre of gravity and reducing trail load on the tractor.

The tower design is modular, all tower sections regardless of the height will fit onto one another, and any future upgrade will also be built on the same basic architecture. The adjustable tower height can reach a spray height of between 3.6m to 5.6m. This is perfect for orchards with shorter trees as well as taller trees.

Electric Valves

The electric valves are perfect for closed cab spraying which is a safety benefit in addition to being a GLOBAL.G.A.P requirement.

Water Tank

Made from 304 Stainless Steel, our tank is one of our defining features. It is available in both 3000L and 4000L capacity with the quick filler as standard. Each tank comes with a 10-year warranty.

Jacto JP300 Water Pump

The Jacto JP300 is internationally known for its robustness and performance capabilities and spares parts are widely available.


We utilize Teejet nozzles on our machines with a wide variety of options available.

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