Efficient to the last drop

Our sprayers deliver value from day one by minimizing pesticide wastage and maximizing crop yields. Few, if any orchard spraying systems can compete with our machines’ spraying effectiveness.


The spraying and coverage prowess is well known to many a South African farmer.

Our sprayers’ ability to disperse foliage and provide the best possible coverage results in maximum protection for your crops, boosting the quality of your harvest.


Manufactured with high quality materials to ensure longevity, reliability and faultless performance time and time again. Stainless and Structural steel, Jacto pumps and Teejet nozzles combine to deliver a product of superior quality.

Local Support 

Machine Breakdowns & Support Services

Fully equipped mobile service units with qualified technicians provide immediate support to farmers ensuring shorter machine down time periods.


Without high wearing components such as sprockets, chains or belts

Our machines are highly-reliable, low maintenance sprayers that will not let you down.


The upright spraying tower is modular by design, enabling you to easily stack or reduce the height of the tower with minimal effort.

This ensures your sprayer is ideally configured for any crop, for any season or for any application.


Regardless of where you are in your farming journey, our sprayers are built to suit your needs.

From basic spraying requirements through to GLOBALGAP compliance, the OSS Africa range of sprayers is configurable to every requirement.

Contact us today to discuss which sprayer can benefit you

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