Active Spray & Global G.A.P.

Active Spray is a useful web-based tool that is free with the purchase of every spraying machine.

It serves as a measuring instrument that calibrates accurate spray volumes and drives efficiency.

How it works

Active Spray prompts the user to enter information such as the chemicals used, tank capacity, the tractor that will carry the sprayer, etc. into the program.

It then generates a report or calculation sheet that determines the correct spraying volumes per hectare by providing the following:

  • Bar Pressure
  • Delivery Rate/Usage per Tank (Consumption and time/duration)
  • Tractor Speed and Gear
  • Nozzle configuration (for left and right oscillators)

The Active Spray report also serves as a written job instruction for the sprayer, with specific details about:

  • The area/terrain requiring spraying
  • The correct chemicals to use
  • The correct speed and pressure for accurate efficient spraying.

The Active Spray reporting tool allows you to maintain a record of your spraying and is just another way in which OSS Africa supports farmers to achieve their GLOBALG.A.P goals.

Active Spray for accuracy and efficiency!

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